Oak Ridge Cemetery

Lashonda Fitch, Executive Director
A Department of the City of Springfield

 James O. Langfelder, Mayor

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Burial Planning

What is burial planning?

Pre-paid burial planning is one of the most thoughtful and considerate gifts you can give to your loved ones It relieves the burden of making difficult and expensive decisions at the time of grieving, and allows you to set your own legacy. This is a gift that will endure for generations, and planning your burial arrangements in advance allows your family the time to connect with the warm and tender memories you shared together.

Benefits of preplanning

  • Spare your family from making hard decisions at an emotionally stressful time
  • Alleviate additional grief at the time of loss
  • Ensure your decisions are informed and thoughtful
  • Choose the specific items you want at today‚Äôs prices

Step 1: Choose Your Burial Plan Option

Traditional - (Interment or entombment) are the most common which involves a funeral home, embalming of the body, and public, in-ground ceremony at the cemetery.

Necessary burial items for a traditional burial:
  • Vault- outer burial container. Provides additional security for remains. Oak Ridge Cemetery requires a vault for all in ground traditional burials.
  • Opening-and-Closing- the fee to open the grave space and close the grave space.
  • 2nd and 3rd interment rights- Oak Ridge Cemetery allows three burials for each in ground grave space. * Additional fees apply.
  • Memorial/Monument- Oak Ridge has staff who can help you create a lasting stone for generational connection to future loved ones.
Cremation - requires less resources. Allows ashes to be kept in an urn, buried in a niche, columbarium, mausoleum or in-ground.

Necessary burial items for a cremation burial:

Inurnment (in ground)
  • Urn, vault (optional) or combo
  • Opening-and-Closing
  • Memorial/Monument
Niche (above ground)
Mausoleum or Columbarium(s) are shared public spaces.

  • Urn, Vault (optional) or combo
  • Niche Opening-and-Closing
  • Memorial/Monument *private monuments or estates are available.

Step 2: Select Your Area

As part of your burial planning, you must decide if you want your final resting place to be in the ground, in a mausoleum, or in a columbarium.

Oak Ridge Cemetery has four options for outdoor burials.

  • Upright area- Visible monuments designed to give a customized memorial for loved ones.
  • Garden area- flat area designed for cost effective way to memorialize a loved one.
  • Public Columbarium- a public resting place for urns and cremation vaults.
  • Private estate- designed to keep families together. (purchases range from 6-48 grave spaces)
Oak Ridge Cemetery has two indoor burial spaces.

The modern Abbey, also known as the Chapel. Full body (entombment) and cremation (inurnment) spaces are available.

The Abbey was constructed in 1910. It currently does not have any air conditioning or heat. Limited cremation spaces are available. Necessary burial items for an indoor burial:
  • Crypt opening and closing